Polyaniline Masterbatches

This is a special type of polyaniline (Organic Metal ) nano particle dispersion in thermoplastic material. This is also called Predispersion, because this is a highly concentrated dispersion in which the polyaniline nano particles are flocculated which is specially designed by renowned German scientist Dr. Bernhard Wessling. This is a very highly specialized product. It is known to all that the polyaniline itself is insoluble in water or any other organic solvent. The masterbatch matrix (a thermoplastic resin) is soluble in solvents like aromatics, ketones, esters, glycol ethers, glycol ether acetates, alcohols etc., allowing a fine dispersion of conductive polyaniline in various solvents and other media.

This finds application in Antistatic, EMI shielding, conductive additive for paints and related coatings, for solvent based system. Ormecon Pvt Ltd offers two types of conductive polyaniline thermoplastic, DISSIPO-ST and DISSIPO-AL. The conductivity range of these composites are in the range of 25 S/cm - 50 S/cm. To know more about the conductive masterbatch, please click on here (DISSIPO-ST and DISSIPO-AL).


Appearance Dark green powder
Polyaniline Content 33% ± 2% Polyaniline

Pack Size

500g, 1Kg

Product Code


Lead Time

15 - 20 days (worldwide)