10% Polyaniline Emeraldine Salt in Water

Polyaniline Emeraldine salt is completely insoluble in solvents and water and hence is difficult to formulate into various systems.

DISSIPO-WR is a nanosized dispersion of Polyaniline Emeraldine Salt in Water prepared by our proprietary process. The dispersion makes it easier for Polyaniline Emeraldine to be incorporated into various resins and surfaces.

The primary application of DISSIPO-WR is as an anticorrosive additive for water-borne paint systems. DISSIPO-WR may also be used in the custom development of various application which requires insertion of Polyaniline Emeraldine Salt in non-organic media.


Appearance Dark green dispersion
Solid Content 10% + 1% Polyaniline
Particle Size < 500 nm

Pack Size

500g, 1Kg

Product Code


Lead Time

15 - 20 days (worldwide)